Screen caps from Angel Sanctuary Screencap Heaven

Angel Sanctuary Anime OAV

I have only seen the first 3 episodes thus far, so I can't review the entire thing. However, I did like what I saw. Yes, they changed a lot. It's a 9 episode OAV. Of course they did. 20 volumes of manga simply won't fit into such a short amount of anime. For one, Rosiel's resurrection is downplayed and is just someting that "happens". We learn right away that Kurai is girl. Sarah's friend (whose name escapes me at the moment) is left out entirely in order to quicken the plot.

Still, the character designs are well done. Not up to par with the anime artwork, of course, but what anime is? Kira is gorgeous, Setsuna looks great, Kurai looks just like she should. Rosiel is still very creepy.

Well I prefer the manga to the anime (and who doesn't), this is a good way to get new fans into the series. It also brings the story to life in a way the manga just could not.

The music is amazing. I tried to have samples up but Tripod doesn't like that. If you can buy the OAV Soundtrack, go for it. It's amazing. The opening is "Messiah" and it's a very cool song. Another song, "Sanctus," just blows me away.

The anime could never compare with the manga. It's just not possible. But I happen to like the anime version as well. ^_^