Friday - Let the Con Begin!

Song of the Day: "Dive Into Shine" - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 2nd OP
Quote of the Day: "Wake up, it's Rex Manning* Day!"

Since we went to sleep early, we decided to get up early and get a good start on the con. The only problem was, no one else had that idea. >_<

Around 8:30 am, while we were still getting ready, someone knocked on our door and said, "Get up! It's Con Day!" Standing outside was one of the con heads, smiling happily. We told her we were up, she could see us in half costume, and she wished us a good con. I appreciated it, because it definately showed the small-time feel of the con. Because of that, I said, "Hey, it's Rex Manning Day." No one but Liz seemed to know who Rex Manning was, however. Watch Empire Records, people. It's not anime, but it's pretty cool.

Dressed in costume, we headed for registration. Only to find it wasn't up yet. In fact, they lost their little plastic thingers and told us it would be a while. We found Megumi, Vilay, and James, and headed out for breakfast. That was just thrilling. Actually, I was glad to be in costume, out of Tahoe, and with friends.

We went through the shortest registration line EVER and then realized even with badges, there was little to do. We took pictures, went into the dealer's room, and bummed around.

Later, we went to karaoke, where Vilay (half the bishouen senshi) preformed Tactics.. only without Dustin, it wasn't the same. Liz and I then headed to watch SDF-O's EVA parody, Afterbirth, which was basically MST3K: End of Evangelion except that Tom Servo, Mike Nelson, and Crow weren't at the bottom of the screen. I enjoyed it, but because I was so exhausted, I had a massive headache by the end. Poor Liz had never seen End of Eva before (or anything of EVA beyond episode 4.... *_*), so she was totally lost. She tried to follow the movie (which is cracked out enough, especially if you've seen so litle of the show) and the commentary. I'm surprised her head didn't explode.

After that, we found Steve in the parking lot. It was actually good timing. He walked up just as we were out there, so he didn't have to try and track down our room (he was staying with us).

The problem with Ani-Magic is that it was a blast..... only nothing really noteworthy happened. It was just fun cause .. um... yeah....

*if you don't know who Rex Manning is, you're not alone.. apparently only Liz and I do...