1. Vic looks bad a blonde.

2. It's always a good idea to keep your bathroom window shut, especially on the first floor.

3. Maids don't like to refill your coffee because they're part of some caffeine deprivation plot.

4. Living in Lancaster without a car would suck, especially if you lived in the Best Western.

5. Dances pretty much suck at any con.

6. The best western is full of little elves that steal things if you don't keep your eye on them for long.

7. The show "Crossing Over" is actually very lame.

8. Escaflowne Day just isn't the same without Dryden. (The elves stole his wig, we think.)

9. Yes, a dealer's room can be that small.

10. People still don't know what Alice 19th is. (Or Imadoki, from what the Tanpopo cosplayer said.)

11. It's hard to walk without peripheral vision, especially if you don't want to be hit by a car.

12. If you put a sign on your door or window, double check the spelling.

13. The law of room sharing indicates that when even as few as 2 people share 1 hotel room, they are bound to have conflicting sleeping habits.

14. The local Suncoast had more anime VHS & DVDs than the entire Dealer's room.