Monday - No! Don't Make Me Go Back! Let's Have Another Con Right Now!

Song of the Day: "Chokotto Love" - Morning Musume, solely because we could not get it out of our heads the entire trip home
Quote of the Day: "So this is Lancaster." or "Are we there yet?"

We said good-bye to Megumi and Vilay. James and Zach kindly drove us to the bus station and saw us off. I slept most of the ride to the train station (which was 2 hours long).

There, in Bakersfield, we had the only lay over of the trip. It was almost 3 hours long. Liz read her Love Hina manga, but I, like a moron, only bought manga in Japanese. Luckily Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne has furigana, so I could read it (even the kanji). I didn't understand a lot of the dialouge, but I got the basic jist of it. I even knew a couple of the kanji! People gave us and our Japanese books strange looks.

The train ride was boring. Eventually we decided to test my laptop's battery, and tossed in a CCS DVD. We watched 2 episodes and then put it away. Some of the young kids on the train walked by and looked at it. ^_^ Future con goers!

Then we had two more bus rides. Liz and I passed the time thinking up names for our new cosplay group.

The last bus made me nervous. We arrived at the bus station at 9:05, and the bus was supposed to leave at 9:05. So we run over to the bus, and there's no one inside. We checked all the other buses, to make sure there wasn't a second Lake Tahoe bus, but there wasn't. Finally another passenger comes over and stands with us. Then another. Pretty soon there are 6 people standing outside of the closed up bus. The bus next to us, ironically, has 2 drivers, both happily chatting away.

At 9:30, the bus driver finally decided we should probably get going (some of the passengers had other buses to catch at our scheduled arrival time of 11:30). The bus driver was oddly confident. He loaded our bags, took our tickets, and then we board the Bus Out of Hell.

Apparently, he was confident because he knew he could drive the bus over 90 miles per hour. This didn't concern me. "He'll slow down on the mountain," I told myself. Haha, foolish me. . We hit the mountain. I think he actually sped up. I've never seen a sports car take the curves on 50 the way that bus did. And the fact that it was night time just made it worse. *_* Then "Leaving on a Jet Plane" came on the radio.

Needless to say, I'm never riding on a bus to Lake Tahoe again in the dark, especially with that bus driver.

And so concludes our journey to the land of Ani-Magic.