Thursday - Leaving For Ani-Magic

Song of the Day: "Ai" - Excel Saga Opening Theme
Quote of the Day: "So this is Lancaster?"

"Did you hear about the greyhound bus driver?" my brother asked me when I got home from class Wednesday night. I told him I hadn't, hoping it wasn't anything important. "A passanger slit his throat and the bus crashed."
"Stop messing with me!" I said, annoyed and nervous.
"It's true," my mom chimed in. "6 people were killed."
I felt sick to my stomach.

So began our trip to Lancaster, CA. Liz and I had Amtrak tickets (we almost went with Greyhound, but Amtrak was cheaper--it's a good thing, too, because I might not have gone if it was a Greyhound bus, being the paranoid weirdo I am.) We had to ride 3 seperate buses and 1 train to get down there. We stood at the bus stop at 7 am. The bus was supposed to leave at 7:25. I think it actually came around 7:38, which didn't help ease my nerves. Our first bus driver was a cool guy, though. There were only 3 passengers on the bus (me, Liz, and some old lady) and bus driver liked to talk. He made jokes about us carrying knives and stuff. Good to see he had a sense of humor. I'll be working in the travel industry is nerve-racking right now. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. After we figured out how to find our bus, it was a pretty relaxing trip. Despite the fact that we only had 10 minutes (or less) between buses or the bus and the train, we seemed to make good time. The train was exciting for all of three minutes, before boredom set in.

Once we reached Lancaster, we got a taxi and 5 minutes later were standing inside our room. They didn't make us pay up front, which was a first for us. I think it's because they had my credit card number, so they weren't too concerned. We called Megumi's cell phone and then stood around, staring at the walls. I started to make a sign for our room's door, but realized I didn't have my pencil box with me. A few minutes later, someone outside was shouting my name. It was Megumi! She got our message, but couldn't hear the room number, so she was just looking for us.

Vilay and Megumi had been at the pool, so they went to get dressed, and then all of us went to dinner. We stole the resturant's crayons to make our sign. (We're naughty.) We made a sign that said "Dumb Stupid Cospayers" but didn't realize we'd left the "L" out until Friday afternoon. >_<

See? Isn't that exciting?