Con Buddies

These are the people you are most likely to see me with at conventions. I hope to make lots of new Con Buddies in the future!

The Bishounen Senshi

So at Fanime 2001, I'm dressed as Miaka and Liz is dressed as Yui. We're wandering around, bored to tears. Suddenly these guys come up to us and ask if they can take a picture *with* us. Now, we'd have lots of people take pictures OF us, but not WITH us. Naturally, we agreed. They stood next to us, and then did this weird WWF pose. ^_^; Afterward, they turned to us and said, "That'll be 5 bucks." Hahaha. Wait, let's go back a little farther.

At Anime Expo 2000, I was headed back to the Westin from the tram with Danny to get something or other. I don't remember, cause I must have ridden that tram a billion times. ~_~ As we're about to board, two boys (one with a dark moon symbol on his forehead) ask to take a photo with me. I was surprised, as only kids had wanted their picture *with* me, but I agreed. I didn't see them again at AX.

Back to Fanime: we were staying on the same floor as the Westin and kept running into them in the halls. Finally on Friday night, we were just standing around, and they walked in the door, so we said "hi". They came over to talk to us and Dustin asked me, "Weren't you at AX?" I said yes. "What were dress as?" he asked, and I became ashamed. Not only was I dressed as Miaka at that moment, but I wasn't too proud of my Jupiter costume. "Jupiter, right?" he asked.

I almost fell over. I couldn't believe they remembered me! It turns out we both had pictures of us together at AX.

Now we're very good friends and I'm glad we met. They make cons that much more fun, especially with their "Tatics" karaoke and great senses of humor.

Fushigi Yume

Megumi, one of the members of FY, is Vilay's sister. We hung out with her at Fanime as well. She loves Kenshin, so she and I both complained about the lack of male Kenshin cosplayers. At the Sakura Festival in San Francisco, I met her sisters, the other members of their karaoke group.

Fushigi Yume is very talented. I admire them! They got to the second round of the AX2001 karaoke contest, but one of their members fell ill, and they didn't make it to the finals. Still, they work very hard and Megumi makes them all matching outfits. It's so cool!

I really enjoying hanging out with them. I don't know the other members well, just Megumi, but they're very cheerful. They love DDR and anime music. ^_^ I hope in the future I'll get to know all of them. They also make conventions even more fun!

TAMA members & Friends

After AX2000, my first con, I was determined to share the joy of con crack with people here in Tahoe. I convinced my friends to start a cosplay group that has since fallen apart. However, we did manage to start an official anime club at our college. It's called TAMA, the Tahoe Anime & Manga Association.

Members of TAMA have accompanied me to many-a con and cosplay event, including Liz, Brian, Kate, and Ross, the elusive secret agent who wants no pictures taken of himself. He actually took the ones you see at the left.

These people really help me get through the stress of cons and have fun. Poor Kate has yet to have a super good con experience, due to things beyond her control. I really hope she comes to one and has a blast!