Baring Fangs: Little Rants all in One

orignally written for the Rant Issue of the Danatic Webzine

Dentyne Ice/Eclipse/Trident/etc. Packages - You know those rectangle packages of gum, where the back is foil and you pop out one piece at a time? I know they keep the gum fresher, but what are you supposed to do with the gum when you're done chewing and there's no trash around? With regular gum, you can use the wrapper to dispose of the gum, but you don't have that option with these containers.

People Who Don't Understand E-bay But Bid Anyway - These people annoy me because I sell stuff (Plug: I'm selling Sailormoon stuff now under the name "BratChick") and when they win an auction I have to take the time to type out personal instructions for them. Also, they complain about shipping charges, even though the auction states that there is a flat fee and explains how much it is for each time.

Teachers Who Believe They Have to Use Every Minute of Class time - While teachers, even at LTCC, have an obligation to fill so much time (people have literally complained when teachers have let classes out early on a regular basis), I hate it when teachers *never* let you leave early. The ones who say "Oh look, two minutes left. Let's start something new," really tick me off. My English teacher doesn't give us a break because he plans to let us out early instead, but that never happens.

People Who Complain When a Teacher Lets Class Out Early on a Regular Basis - You know who you are.

People Who Think Animation is Just for Kids - As an anime fan, I have to defend my love of these "cartoons" to people all of the time. It's annoying. Look, I wouldn't let anyone under 12 watch Miyuki-chan in Wonderland or Perfect Blue. Sure, some shows are for kids (Pocket Monsters, Card Captor Sakura, BSSM, etc.). And I do love American Cartoons (Earthworm Jim, Extreme Ghostbusters!). But even these have some adult humor.

The New Bank of America Commercials - I've only seen two of them, but basically they consist of a long, "inspiring" message. And the end, the BoA logo appears. I'm sorry, but you're a bank. You aren't changing the world.

E-mail Forwards - I don't mind the profile/survey things, because they're entertaining when I'm bored to tears. However, the "take this test" and the "send this to people you love; if they don't send it back, they hate you" and "cyber hugs" are not fun to read. I delete them right away, usually without opening. So unless it's a REALLY exceptional forward, please don't send it!