I feel that personal homepages have little purpose. I only visit them if I know the person or want to find out more about a webmistress/master. If the page is not a collective, it serves even less purpose. Basically, they're good for when you're bored or really curious about someone. For that reason, no personal page would be complete with out the Quotes page. Since I have so many, I've divided them up to save you time. After all, you're only hear to be entertained (or to get a glimpse into a sicko's warped mind).

All these quotes were off the top of my head or from ancient quote pages. I realized there was no Trent Reznor (NiN) but that will be ademnified soon.

Songs Are Poetry - quoted song lyrics that I relate to

Words of Wisdom - amusing and true: quotes for everyone

Expect more to be added to both sections soon.