Image Policy

Since I scanned all of these myself, which literally takes hours (not to mention squishing my poor artbooks--and anyone else's artbooks I steal), I would appreciate credit. I'm not ask for popup banner ads on your site or anything. Just please, if you use the images, link to me! You can use one of the banners found on the links page or just plain text. Please credit me (Victoria) as well.

You are welcome to use one or two images on a webpage. Just don't take all of my galleries and paste them into yours. I want my page to remain unique. I try to scan images I haven't seen around the web too much in order to keep my page unique, so please don't take that away from me. ^_^ Also, DO NOT DIRECT LINK. Tripod won't allow it anyhow, and it will just appear broken, but when I move to my own domain, DIRECT LINKING WILL BE PROHIBITED. I will change the file names randomly, too, so it's really just easier for you to save the pictures to your own webspace.

As for personal use, you know the drill. That's why these images are here, after all.


I know CLAMP does not want their artbook spread all over the net. For a long time, I respected that request. But the only reason I ever bought a Rayearth tape was because I saw some of their gorgeous pictures. And I probably would not have bothered looking into CCS based on the storyline alone. It was the artwork, from both the anime and the manga, that drew me into it. I, personally, feel that if it were not for webpages with art galleries, I would never buy half the anime/manga I do. For example, I recently got into Time Stranger Kyoko.. simply because a girl had a webpage layout with this gorgeous picture from it. Before that, I'd only heard of it and it never sparked much interest. So please, enjoy these pictures. If you really think they're cool or pretty, check out the series.

Not a Replacement

These galleries are in no way meant to replace the actual artbooks or merchandise. I have not (and will never) scan an entire artbook or magazine book. These are selected pictures I happen to love. If you like what you see, please buy the real artbooks. The artwork is much nicer in person anyhow.