Yuu Watase Related Scans

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She's my favorite mangaka and I have so many scans from her work, it seemed ridiculous not to post them. I have tons more manga scans from Alice 19th & AnC, not to mention random Watase scans... I just have to find time to make all of the thumbnails. So this is my little sub-section for all of this stuff. Enjoy! (Oh, and a note on th AnC pictures: 2 of them were scanned from a stationary set, and the lines from the backside bleed through onto the scans, so there are lines running through the pictures... ugh....)


Imadoki Ad Imadoki Postcard

Ayashi no Ceres

Color Ad from Sho-Comi page 1 of stationary set page 2 of stationary set Tooya Postcard

Alice 19th

Alice alice runs to save the bunny Kyou with Alice in background Kyou AliceAlice looks at a picture of Kyou
Mayura Kyou Kyou again (what, he's cute!) Alice crying Alice in shock


tamahome, tooya, & kouki SD Miaka, Aya, & Tanpopo

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