Okay, so Kate and I went to all the trouble of scanning Lost Angel (well, parts of it), as well as some AS manga. But of course, we had the scanner set to 20% because Kate's dad's computer monitor is so big, full-size scans looked HUGE. >_< Big mistake. We're idiots. So because of that, I'm going to rescan (and/or resize) a lot of the pictures. For now, I'll put a few that turned out all right, despite their size. Promise to have more soon!

PLEASE NOTE: I scanned all of these myself, so if you use them on a webpage, please give me credit or at least link back to Broken Wings! All artwork is for preview purposes only and is copyright Kaori Yuki! Please buy the manga and artbooks to support her amazing talents!

Artbook Pics

Setsuna & Michael
Kira & Setsuna
Setsuna on top of a computer

Manga Scans

Setsuna on a Cover Page
Sara on a Cover Page
Mad Hatter/Sestuna Cover Page
Setsuna Angel Cover Page
Kira Cover Page
Sara Tells Nun She Loves Setsuna

Sorry about that. New (good) scans soon!