"These dried up angels can't keep God."
- Our Lady Peace

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last altered - 8/18/01 - I changed the layout with this nifty pic of Setsuna I scanned. I also added one Wallpaper to that page. I have tons of info pages to add, not to mention scans, and I want to make the gallery thumbnails. I just need more time. I've also started a Jibrille costume. I can't wait til it's done. ^_^

05-09-01 - Central Park Media has created an official Angel Sanctuary page with info about the release. Seems they're only going to release the anime as bilingual DVD or dubbed VHS, just like Viz is doing ot Ayashi no Ceres. I greatly disagree with this, but what can you do? The first installment (3 episodes) of AS comes out July 10th.


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